Bringing California to the GC this Christmas

Local award-winning tortilla manufacturer Diego’s isn’t holding back on the spice this festive season, sharing the ideal recipe for an Australian Christmas with a Californian twist.


With festivities around the corner, Gold Coasters are steering away from the traditional Christmas pudding grandma was known for and looking for new ways to impress this silly season. 


As travel is no longer as accessible, more Gold Coasters are choosing to stay home this Christmas and are looking for ways to spice up their holidays by creating their own family traditions. 


Diego’s Managing Director Deann Thomson a San Diego Native grew up with one foot in San Diego and the other in their family beach house in Baja Mexico and loves to share her family traditions with her children, friends and family each year.


“Having lived in Australia for over 30 years, our family have made our own traditions over the years, you could call it an Australian Christmas with a CaliMex twist,” says Mrs Thomson. 


“Southern California and Baja was somewhat similar to the Gold Coast, with the surf, sun and sand only our Christmas was in winter so in the cooler December nights, we’d enjoy an eggnog in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve and after presents with our grandparents and a big breakfast we would head down to the beach for walk and ice cream if the weather was sunny of course.” 


“We also had some of our Christmas’s in our beach house in Baja where we would decorate the tree with the collected seashells from the past year and string popcorn to hang on the Christmas tree, then go for a quick dip or play in the tide pools before climbing into bed and waiting for Santa to come.”


“For many Southern Californian’s it’s not Christmas or New Years without tamales. Memories my friend’s Mom making batches and batches of Tamales every year on New Years Eve morning, and us two sitting in the kitchen with her family and the smells of the wonderful savoury and sweet fillings filling the air. When ready we could then spread the corn masa dough out onto the corn husks and add these fillings and roll them up into little parcels, ready to steam and the absolute heaven of getting to eat them hot out of the steamer.. nothing like it!


“Christmas Eve for our family and friends in Burleigh is all about seafood, oysters, prawns and of course ceviche served on crisp corn tortillas, fresh home made salsa and guacamole washed down with some ice-cold margaritas or soft drinks, there’s nothing better after a hot summer’s day.


“And Christmas Mornings we brunch with spices and tortillas.. Lately we have been rocking a chorizo hash with avocado creama  with of course white, yellow and blue corn tortillas and homemade salsa. Christmas Dinner baked salmon, roasted turkey and a variety of salads using fresh local ingredients.”


‘Diego’s is the only Australian made and family-owned company making both corn and flour tortillas locally in Burleigh Heads. We are proud to supply Australia-wide and Internationally sourcing locally made ingredients wherever possible.’


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