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After residing in Perth for a few months, Riki and Daniel discovered they shared a common goal: to source quality cuts of meat and authentic Brazilian products for their Sunday barbecues, or “Churrasco.” Their shared passion led to the formation of a successful business partnership and the establishment of Churras in 2013. Initially, the company only offered delivery services for Picanha (Rump Cap) and Linguiças (sausages).



Barbecue is a passion for us, and we have been delighted to share our South American heritage with the Australian community. In addition to delivering meats, we also offer catering services for corporate barbecues and private events, with the aim of popularising Brazilian barbecue in Perth.


2014 was a significant milestone for our small business as we formed a partnership with IGAs Supermarkets, which allowed us to offer our handcrafted sausages to a wider audience. This partnership has enabled us to continually enhance our services and products over the years, providing the best experience to our customers in Australia.


After a few years of operating as a delivery-only service and participating in events, we realised that we could do even more for our customers. In 2017, we opened our first butcher store on Walcot Street in Perth, fulfilling our dream of establishing ourselves as a local butcher providing the community with everything they need for a perfect barbecue and daily cuts.


In 2018, we continued our journey of innovation and growth by launching the Churras Food Truck. This strategic move was aimed at promoting our business and showcasing our South American roots to a broader audience. The food truck was carefully designed and equipped with a charcoal barbecue to provide a traditional barbecue experience.


In March 2020, we relocated to 149 Brisbane Street in Perth to provide better customer service and expand our range of South American groceries. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we are grateful for the unwavering support from the community, which has allowed us to grow and flourish.


In March 2023, we proudly opened two new stores in Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia, and Merrimac, Gold Coast, Queensland. It fills us with immense joy to see our brand spreading its wings across Australia, becoming an integral part of everyday life for residents in Queensland. But that’s not the end of our journey. As our expansion continues to thrive, we have even more incredible plans on the horizon.


I understand you have locations in the Gold Coast and 2 locations in Perth, what prompted the move to the Gold Coast for location number 3?
Gold Coast, QLD was the perfect choice for us due to the significant number of South Americans calling Gold Coast home. By bringing our Churras Brand to Gold Coast, we aim to serve the South American community and all food enthusiasts.



Where does the name Churras originate from?
Churras is a short word for “Churrasco”. “Churrasco” is a Portuguese term for a type of cooking popular in South America, particularly Brazil, where meat is grilled directly over fire or charcoal. This method is deeply rooted in South American cuisine and translates as Barbecue. For Brazilians, the word “Churrasco” or “Churras” is associated with joyful gatherings, high-quality food, lively music, and unbridled fun. This spirit of celebration has been contagious and has won the hearts of many Australians, who have come to appreciate Latin cuisine more and more. #LetsChurras



What sorts of grocery items and goods can people expect to buy from Churras Butchers?
Handcrafted Churras Sausages, fresh meat, latin cuts as PICANHA (Beef Rump Cap), ASADO (Beef Ribs), Entranhas (Beef Thin Skirt) and VAzio/Fraldinha (Flank Steak), South American Groceries, Latin Products and the best customer service in town in 3 different languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.



What prompted you to start stocking Diego’s products?
We have a great selection of Mexican Section in store but it was missing tortillas and wraps.
Bringing Diegos to our store, we’re able to provide our customers with an authentic Mexican Experience.



What do you think it is that continues to draw customers back to your stores?
We are much more than just meat. We are dedicated to bringing you a great selection of imported products and fresh meats, all in one convenient location.
This allows the South American community to feel a little closer to home, and for Australians to discover the delicious flavours of Latin cuisine.



If you could use 3 words to describe Churras Butchers what would they be?
Our passion for BARBECUE runs deep. We are dedicated to upholding the highest levels of QUALITY, ensuring that our meat is consistently fresh and held to the highest standards.
Embracing our vibrant South American roots, we create a FRIENDLY and inviting environment for our customers.



I see on your website that you do catering in Perth, is this also a service you provide here on the Gold Coast?
This service is not available in Gold Coast at the moment.
But the customers can come to the store on Saturdays 11am-3pm and try the best Steak Sandwich in town.



Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline for 2023 that you can reveal?
This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Churras Brand. The customer can wait for some surprises.
We are organising to open a cafe inside the store with some Brazilian snacks and coffee.
And… we have a new store coming on soon in Gold Coast this month.


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5-7 Hutchinson St,
Burleigh Heads Qld 4220 Australia

Phone: 1800 357 077

Outside of Australia: +61 (0)7 5593 5233

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