Guest Blog – Olivia from Yum Gluten Free

This month we interviewed the lovely Olivia from Yum Gluten Free. Olivia is a passionate ambassador when it comes to spreading the word about Coeliac disease.


After a nine-year battle with unexplained symptoms, Olivia was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2010. As a lover of food, health and wellness and a background in public health and nutrition, Olivia was able to channel her diagnosis into creating the online platform Yum Gluten Free.


Behind Olivia, is an experienced publishing team who have come together to create an informative online resource providing information on all thing’s gluten free. Yum Gluten Free not only delivers gluten free recipes but discusses gluten free topics such as converting recipes and sourcing healthier alternative. There are also feature product reviews, eating out tips and recommendations, blogs, guest speakers and online tutorials.


“The thing I am most passionate about when it comes to Coeliac Disease is encouraging people to recognise the symptoms and push to get themselves tested. When it comes to the disease, symptoms can vary from person to person. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition which can be hard to diagnose. Symptoms can be anything from irritable bowel and stomach bloating to low iron, psoriasis or even migraines to name a few, says Olivia.


“I encourage anyone who may be concerned that may have a gluten allergy not to just stop eating gluten but to seek advice from a health professional and request to be tested for elevated enzymes. It is very important to understand that if you stop eating gluten then the enzymes will not show in your pathology results, meaning you can be inappropriately diagnosed.


“It is estimated that 1 in 70 Australians have Coeliac Disease but with around 80% of those people undiagnosed. I am passionate about spreading the word and educating people. Coeliac Disease isn’t just a ‘gluten free’ fad, it is a lifelong illness that needs to be managed.


“Being diagnosed a Coeliac means I cannot have any gluten at all.  Even the smallest amount can make me sick, so I am very passionate about researching products, ingredients, and food labels to ensure they aren’t contaminated. There are so many Gluten Free products on the market these days which makes it much more manageable and I love to share with my followers when I come across a product I love.


“My favourite places to shop are independent grocery stores and health food stores. I came across the Diego’s Gluten Free wraps at the Gluten Free Expo in Brisbane a few years ago where they were handing out samples. I started chatting with the owner Deann and found out we were both from the United States. Deann was very passionate and knowledgeable about the ingredients that go into the Diego’s products to ensure they are Gluten Free whilst also maintaining their authenticity.


“Something I really miss about living here in Australia is the Baja Californian food that I used to enjoy when I was growing up. I was so excited to try the Diego’s corn tortillas and Gluten Free Wraps and they did not disappoint!


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