Nik is a mainstay of the business here at Diego’s and has been a crucial member of the production team for a stellar 14 years!


Starting out as a baker, Nik’s experience and dedication to the role saw him move up to Senior Supervisor, a role which he oversees several facets of manufacturing Diego’s products; including ensuring production deadlines, managing production requirements, packaging, ingredient procurement, rostering and managing health and safety in a food manufacturing environment.


The best things about working at Diego’s:


Nik says it’s exciting to see how the company has grown dramatically over the course of 14 years.


“What started out as a true labour of love and passion project for Deann and Colin has turned into a really successful enterprise, while keeping its family atmosphere and love for all things local intact,” Nik says.


“The company has really skyrocketed in the past few years and while it can be challenging at times, we are all a tight-knit team who are incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved.


“It’s really no secret that Diego’s is a fantastic company to work for, hence why myself and several other staff have been here for over a decade.”


Hobbies and Interests:


Born in New Zealand but spending most of his formative years in Fiji, Nik knows how to live the island life and loves to kick back when he’s not busy on the production line.


A keen beachgoer, Nik loves to spend his spare time by the seaside with his family and is the proud father of two 18-year-old twins and a two-year-old.



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