Meet one of the Diego’s night shift teams!

It’s true that Diego’s doesn’t stop! And it’s thanks to our dedicated night shift teams that we can operate around the clock to ensure an efficient production schedule and continue to create the best product possible.

While they are a bunch of talented staff members who make our Diego’s product from scratch, they also keep our factory clean and keep everything organised for the morning staff.


In this month’s staff profile, we feature one of the night shift teams and can’t wait to profile the others in the coming months!


It is our pleasure to introduce Ngurah (Angus), Renee, Teisha, Benazir and Carina.


What do you love most about working at Diego’s?


Ngurah (Angus): “I love the people and they truly are a great team to work with on a daily basis,” says Angus.


Renee: “Diego’s has a fantastic company culture and we really do get along well. We definitely feel a sense of belonging at Diego’s and the staff appreciation days are a great bonus,” says Renee.


Teisha: “Cool company culture and fantastic products,” says Teisha.


Benazir: “We love listening to music while we work and everyone is easygoing and happy,” says Benazir.


Carina: “Diego’s is a great company to work for because we all respect each other and openly communicate,” says Carina.


How do you work well as a team?


Ngurah (Angus): “We always ensure to help one another and keep communication open,” says Angus.


Renee: “Communication is key to any successful organisation,” says Renee.


Teisha: “Open communication between our team and management means shifts always run smoothly, creating a fun, easygoing work environment,” says Teisha.


Benazir: “Communicating with each other,” says Benazir.


Carina: “Remaining positive and getting the work done while having fun,” says Carina.


Favourite Diego’s product?


This Diego’s night shift team are huge fans of our Raj’s range, listing it across the board as their top pick!



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