Meet the Line One Day Shift Team

With a very busy production schedule, it is crucial to keep the Diego’s factory running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Thankfully we have some of the best team members around!

Meet Diego’s Line One Day Shift Team. This close-knit team of staff members ensure the products that leave Diego’s HQ are the best they can be to continue the high standard our products are known for.


We’re excited to introduce you to this fabulous team made up of:

Melissa, Rebecca, Ashley, James (Jimmy), Aida, Amanda, Rajat


What do you like about working at Diego’s? 

Melissa: The friendships.

Rebecca: Our line 1 family.

Ashley: The relationships you build with your team.

Jimmy(james): Work mates.

Amanda: Working with my team.

Rajat: All members here have a good attitude with helping hands and nice and tidy surroundings.

Aida: Working for a beautiful family. Their understanding and support during difficult times. The familiarity w/other staff members. No major issues to deal with, pretty easy going.


How do you work well as a team?

Melissa: We all work very well

Rebecca: We have a great team

Ashley: Help each other and encourage others to do our best.

Jimmy(james): great.

Amanda: Listening to our team mates.

Rajat: We have a great team.

Aida: Everyone communicates clearly w/ respect and is polite.


Favourite Diego’s product?

Melissa: Sourdough Wrap

Rebecca: Corn chips

Ashley: Sourdough Wrap

Jimmy(james): Corn chips

Amanda: Sourdough Wrap and Corn Chips

Rajat: All Diego’s products are great, especially the GoWell Gluten Free Wrap, it is my favourite.

Aida: Corn tortillas and Sourdough Wrap.

5-7 Hutchinson St,
Burleigh Heads Qld 4220 Australia

Phone: 1800 357 077

Outside of Australia: +61 (0)7 5593 5233

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