Prep: 45 minutes Cook: 30 minutes Serves 6-8 People

Ready. Steady. Cook!

For those looking for an original recipe to cook on a bbq, look no further, this one is tasty and caters for everyone, Gf, Vegans and the lot.

  1. Place in blender or food processor the quartered onion, coriander, lime Juice, chilli, garlic, salt, pepper olive oil and blend. Keep beer aside.
  2. Place the meat in a covered container with the blended ingredients and refrigerate covered for 30 minutes.
  3. Heat oiled bbq plate to a high heat and cook meat and capsicums. Deglaze with a little bit of beer until meat and capsicums are cooked through. When cooked, rest in a covered dish and cook the rest of the marinade for a few minutes.
  4. Mix the left over cooked marinade with the mashed avocado until well combined for guacamole
  5. Warm the wraps according to packet instructions. Keep warm in a covered dish.
  6. To serve, set the table with cooked dish of meat/tofu, wraps and side dishes and everyone can dig in and make their own. Top with your favourite chunky salsa.
  1. 1 pkt of Diego’s GoMex or GoWell wraps

  2. ½ a cup of your favourite chunky salsa

  3. 700g tenderised round bbq steak, chicken breasts or tofu cut into strips.


  5. ½ an onion peeled and cut in quarters

  6. ¼ cup of coriander stems and leaves (washed first)

  7. 1 lime juiced

  8. ½ a chilli (red or green) deseeded and stem removed

  9. 2 garlic cloves peeled

  10. ¼ cup of olive oil

  11. salt and pepper to taste

  12. ½ a bottle of Mexican beer (or any light beer)


  14. ½ a red capsicum sliced

  15. ½ a green capsicum sliced

  16. grated cheese or crumbled fetta

  17. coriander leaves

  18. sour cream

  19. lime wedges

  20. 1 mashed avocado

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