How to Warm Gluten Free Wraps

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Diego's GoWELL® Gluten Free Wraps
Diego's GoWELL® Gluten Free Wraps


  • 1 Diego's Original Gluten Free Warmer

Tip: Can use a sandwich press with a little spray oil, or a non stick fry pan with lip and spray oil.


  1. Remove 1 wrap from packet. Place in wrap warmer.
  2. Place in microwave and ensure the warmer fits to avoid touching the sides of the microwave (it may burn if it touches the sides).
  3. Heat for 10 seconds in 800-watt microwaves. NOTE: All microwaves are different, so start with 10 seconds and look for steam when you open warmer. If not, it will need longer.
  4. Lay on sandwich board ready to fill and wrap for a tasty gluten free lunch wrap.