Omelette breakfast burrito

Prep: 15 minutes Cook: 25 minutes Serves 1 Person

Ready. Steady. Cook!

A hearty breakfast burrito that will leave you full and satisfied

  1. Slice onion and set aside.
  2. Grate the potato and set aside.
  3. Lightly cook the rashers of bacon and set aside.
  4. Sauté onion and potato together with butter and olive oil and set aside.
  5. Whisk eggs together with the milk
  6. Pour egg mixture into a low to medium hot pan. Use a separate pan to cook the eggs from the other ingredients. This will stop the egg sticking.
  7. When the egg is almost cooked place your tortilla on top of the wet egg and let finish cooking. The tortilla will stick to the egg.
  8. Once the egg is cooked and is stuck to the tortilla you can flip the pan over onto a plate and let the tortilla flip out.
  9. Place the bacon, potato, cheese and onion into the middle of the tortilla and roll up.
  10. Eat and enjoy! Don’t forget to post a photo of your creation and tag Diego’s!
  1. 1 tortilla from a pkt of Diego’s GoWell wraps

  2. 2-3 rashes of bacon

  3. 2 eggs

  4. 1/4 a potato (grated)

  5. 1/4 of an onion

  6. 2 slices of cheese

  7. 1 tsp of butter

  8. 2 tbsp of olive oil

  9. 1 tablespoon of milk

Tip: Serve with a side of your favourite salsa to dip your burrito in!

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