Pesto and Ham GF Wraps

Prep: 10 minutes Cook: Serves 1 Person

Ready. Steady. Cook!

Crunchy rocket and spinach layered with creamy pesto and sliced ham is a match made in heaven. Full of flavour without the fuss.

  1. Warm to soften GF wrap as per packet instructions
  2. Spread pesto over half the wrap
  3. Add slices of capsicum on the other half of the wrap
  4. Top with slices of ham and salad mixture
  5. wrap ingredients and capture fillings as you roll tightly
  6. Sit down and enjoy or wrap in foil or glad wrap and take to work or on a picnic…
  1. 1 GoWell Gluten Free Wrap or a Gluten Free Power Wrap

  2. 1 to 2 slices of GF ham

  3. Pesto

  4. Roasted capsicum slices

  5. Spinach and rocket salad mix

Tip: Once rolled, wrap tightly in glad wrap or foil if you are taking to eat later in the day. This will help the wrap to keep its shape.

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