Our Range of our Own and Imported Condiments

We stock a range of carefully developed and selected authentic Mexican and American Condiments, spices, flours and other ingredients that compliment the Mexican – American wave of authentic high quality Southern Californian, Baja and Mexican style food.


Food Service Product Book June 2017

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SKU Product Description Ctn Qty Pallet Qty
**NEW** IOSCA0051 Diego's GoMEX MexiSalsa 250g C12
**NEW** IOSCA0052 Diego's GoMEX MexiSauce 150g C12
IOHCA0028 Achiote El Yucateco 100g C60
IOHCA0004 Achiote Paste La Perla 392g C25
IOHCA0027 Agave Syrup Maretai Dark raw Organic 5.6kg C4
IOBCA0025 Beans Furmano's Black Beans Whole A10 C6
IOBCA0026 Beans Furmano's Pinto A10 C6
IOHEA0030 Chilli Pod Ancho w/stem 100g - 1kg C50
IOHEA0032 Chilli Pod Guajillo w/stem 100g - 1kg C50
IOHEA0033 Chilli Pod Pasilla w/stem 100g - 1kg C50
IOBCA0028 Chipotle Peppers in Adobe Sauce San Marcos A10 C6
IOHEA0029 Mexican Oregano Leaves 250g C24
IOBCA0013 Nopalitos Tender Cactus Donna Maria 850g C12
IOSCA0012 Salsa Casera Medium Herdez 1.98kg C6
IOSCA0030 Salsa Verde Embasa A10 C6
IOSCA0039 Sauce El Yucateco Hot Jalopeno 150ml C24
IOSCA0037 Sauce El Yucateco Hot Black Label Habanero 120ml C24
IOSCA0038 Sauce El Yucateco Hot Caribbean 120ml C24
IOSCA0007 Sauce El Yucateco Hot Chipotle 150ml C24
IOSCA0009 Sauce El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Habanero 120ml C24
IOSCA0002 Sauce El Ycateco Hot Habandero Green 120ml C24
IOSCA0001 Sauce El Yucateco Hot Habanero Red 120ml C24
IOSCA0040 Sauce El Yucateco Hot Habanero Red Sachet 5g C300
IOSCA0041 Sauce El Ycateco Hot Habanero Green Sachet 5g C300
IOSCA0044 Sauce Valentina Hot Red 370ml C24
IOSCA0010 Sauce Hot Original 3.78l C4
IOSCA0011 Sauce Franks Buffalo Wing 3.78l C4
IOSCA0013 Sauce La Victoria Enchilada Red A10 C6
IOSCA0021 Sauce Tapatio Hot 946ml C12
IOBCA0029 Tomatillos San Marcos Whole A10 C6

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