We offer a vast range of freshly baked, authentic Mexican style tortillas to satisfy the increasing demand for high-quality Southern Californian & Mexican style foods. Founded over 20 years ago, we have developed our recipes and processes to continue delivering the best tortillas on the market.


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SKU Product Description
FCTCC0002 Tortillas 4" White Corn 15pk
FCTCC0005 Tortillas 6" White Corn 12pk
FCTCC0006 Tortillas 6" Yellow Corn 12pk
FCTC00012 Tortillas 6" Blue Corn 12pk
FFTCC0007 Tortillas 7" White Corn 12pk
FFTCC0008 Tortillas 5" Plain Flour Traditional 12pk
FFTCC0004 Tortillas 6" Plain Flour Traditional 12pk
FFTCC0005 Tortillas 8" Plain Flour Traditional 12pk
FFTCC0001 Tortillas 10" Plain Flour Traditional 12pk
FFTCC0003 Tortillas 12"Plain Flour Traditional 12pk
FCTEC0009 Wraps 10" Gluten Free 6pk

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