Food Service Wraps

Our range includes soft, pliable and ready to use wraps destined for your Café or Restaurant. We supply white, wholemeal, sourdough based and gluten free wraps and we can develop formulations to custom made specific flavour or nutritional profiles.


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SKU Product Description
FFTCF0003 Wraps 12" Plain Flour Frozen 12pk
FFTCF0001 Wraps 10" Plain Flour Frozen 12pk
FFTCF0007 Wraps 8" Plain Flour Frozen 12pk
FFTCF0005 Wraps 6" Plain Flour Frozen 12pk
FFTCF0008 Wraps 10" Sourdough Flour Frozen 12pk
FFTCF0006 Wraps 6" Chocolate Flour Frozen 12pk

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