Meet Haley!

Haley Thomson is the cool, calm and collected gal who has been part of the Diego’s family since day one, both literally and figuratively!


The daughter of Diego’s founders and Managing Directors Deann and Colin, Haley has grown up living the ethos that has come to represent the company best – by eating and cooking food with soul, partaking in a healthy and active lifestyle, being laidback but also hardworking and most importantly – believing in the importance of local and family business.


Haley is an instrumental figure in the way Diego’s will continue to grow in the years to come, helping manage and drive social media communications, and is currently upskilling to train new Diego’s staff members.


Haley has had an adventurous life so far and has lived all over the globe, learning new things and furthering her career in the teaching profession.


But the truth is, home always comes calling – and Haley is back in Burleigh, close to family and friends and turning a new page on the Diego’s chapter!


The best things about working at Diego’s:


Haley says it’s the friendly atmosphere and tight-knit team that makes her excited to go to work.


“We are all very close, it’s definitely true that we are like one big family,” Haley says.


“It’s also an incredibly flexible working environment, meaning Mum and Dad know the importance of a great work/life balance.


“The fact that it’s a family business means communication is always out in the open. I can always voice my opinion and have the freedom to contribute new ideas or approaches that I believe will ultimately benefit the company.


“I eagerly look forward to expanding on my current role at Diego’s and branching out into new areas to help the business reach new heights.”


Favourite Diego’s product:


“I would have to say time and time again that I love the Lower-Carb Wraps,” Haley says.


“They are so versatile and work with so many different types of cuisines and are so easy to make any number of recipes at home.


“Just simple, clean and healthy.”


Hobbies and interests:


Haley has lived as far as the exotic islands of Hawaii, the desert wilds of Arizona and the reaches of tropical North Queensland.


A passionate sportswoman, Haley grew up playing basketball in college and loves the ocean, swimming, travelling, camping and is a true outdoorsy type.


In her downtime, you’ll find Haley reading a good book or indulging in art.


5-7 Hutchinson St,
Burleigh Heads Qld 4220 Australia

Phone: 1800 357 077

Outside of Australia: +61 (0)7 5593 5233

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