Prep: 05 minutes Cook: 20 minutes Serves 2 People

Ready. Steady. Cook!

Left over tortillas from taco night? Chilaquiles are a perfect way to use those! What a delicious alternative way to start the day.

  1. Tear tortilla's into random strips or triangles
  2. In a pot heat oil to 180ºC.
  3. Carefully fry tortilla strips until golden and crunchy, drain off excess oil onto paper towel.
  4. In a large frying pan over medium heat, add onion, tortilla chips and stir in eggs.
  5. Season with salt, cook and stir until eggs are firm.
  6. Add salsa, reduce heat and simmer until thickened
  7. Transfer into a serving bowl and top with sour cream, avocado, radish, coriander and fetta cheese.
  1. 1 Pkt of Diego’s GoMex White or Yellow Corn Tortillas

  2. 1 cup of chunky salsa of your choice (Mix with 2 cups of water)

  3. 2 cups oil

  4. 1/2 brown onion chopped

  5. 4 eggs lightly beaten

  6. 2 tsp salt

  7. 1/2 cup of sour cream thinned with 2 tbsp of water

  8. 1/2 avocado sliced

  9. 1 radish sliced

  10. 1/2 a cup of coriander chopped

  11. 1 tbsp of crumbled feta

  12. salt to taste

Tip: A great way to use leftover tortillas. For a lighter version bake corn tortilla chips at 170°C for 10 minutes instead of frying. Cook with chicken instead of egg. Serve with warm refried beans on the side.

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