Two Yolks – A cracking success

In this month’s interview, we sit down with the innovative minds behind Two Yolks, a vibrant eatery, that in their words is open for breakfast, lunch, dunch, dinner & everything in between! They cracked open their doors in Burleigh Heads in August 2021 and today, we delve into the story behind the sizzle.





Photos courtesy of Two Yolks website.


Could you share the origin story behind the concept of Two Yolks?

After a fantastic trip to the USA, we couldn’t find a burger joint that truly celebrated the glorious union of a top-notch patty and a fresh egg here in Australia, so we decided it was time to cook up some mouthwatering magic. Our passion for food is surpassed only by our commitment to quality, and that’s why we pride ourselves in sourcing the freshest, most local, and most traceable ingredients possible. Plus, we’re on a mission to reduce waste, making sure every bite you take is not only delicious but also eco-conscious. Join us on this tasty adventure as we serve up the best options for your taste buds and our planet!



What is the unique draw card for customers at Two Yolks?

The main factor that keeps customers coming back and new customers coming in has to be the Fresh produce, smashed patties (ground in-house), 100% grass-fed beef, organic eggs and our very own house-made sauces. The quality products we produce are next to none! We also believe the fun, vibrant and aesthetic layout of our store draws customers in.


What is it that drew you to opening your flagship store in Burleigh?

We’ve been rockin’ Burleigh Heads for more than 5 fantastic years, thanks to one of our other brands. Our hearts beat for this amazing community, and guess what? We still couldn’t find a real, top-notch burger joint offering the freshest, highest-quality products around here.



I can see online you have franchising opportunities; do you have any other exciting locations in the works?

Oh, yes we do! Kind of Secret yet, but let’s say the Brisbane community will need to drive less to enjoy our burgers!
What is it that you enjoy about working with Diego’s products? The freshness, and quality. As I said we only work with and offer the best products



Among the delectable options on your menu, such as Smash Tacos, Breakfast Burritos, and Quesadillas, which one stands out as the customer favourite?

Don’t think I can accurately answer that. They are all super popular!


5-7 Hutchinson St,
Burleigh Heads Qld 4220 Australia

Phone: 1800 357 077

Outside of Australia: +61 (0)7 5593 5233

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